Meet My Happy Clients and View Their Success Stories

Hi my name is Elizabeth Grace, Entrepreneur.

It was 1 year ago I met with Galit to enlist her services. I own and operate 3 companies with my husband. We have experienced some pretty difficult life and staff circumstances that, naturally, bled into our company progress, ultimately adversely affecting our vision and future. I am so thankful that Galit saw what we needed and helped us make the appropriate changes along the way.

It’s impressive how she maintains such professionalism and keeps her services concentrated on what I want. I needed someone to keep me focused, grounded and making progress, all while sorting through the junk in front of me. Someone who could show me how to step back and think outside of the box, even better than what I do naturally.

I told her my goals, explained all about us and what we do, our challenges with staff as well as our personal items. Galit was able to pinpoint exactly what we needed – and in a way that allowed me to keep control of the outcome. She presented options, the variables that were often right there all along, helped me to dissect effectively and take an 18-24 month goal set and make it happen efficiently.

I am so proud to say – we did this so well, we have already met our goals, and then some. She provided access to people I would’ve never thought of, is results oriented, maintained the focus, gave me a level of structure – I was able to have her shoulder things and trust her because she shows me over and over again of her abilities.

I can’t say enough great things of why her services are a need – not just a want. I am certain, having Galit in the forefront of what we are doing made the difference in strategy, confidence and execution.

Testimonial 2 PatriciaHi my name is Patricia Naugle-Beyer, Holy Fire II Reiki Master, International Medium, Intuitive Channeler and Holistic Therapist with Triple Goddess Healing

I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know HOW to do it until Galit crossed my path.  I knew I had been called to serve but there were some pieces missing.  Galit helped with my marketing message and branding for my website.  She kept me on track during our calls and was always very focused on what my needs were.

My business is thriving and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.  I’m excited to see where all of this is going!

If you need a mentor and you’re feeling a little bit stressed out, then reach out to Galit with Empowering U.  She is one amazing woman, mentor and she really get’s you going and empowers you to go far beyond what you ever imagined you could.

Hi my name is Dru Hicks, Real Estate Professional.  

Galit has been coaching me for three months and without her help my businesses would still be in the planning stages. When we first met my mind was a jumbled mess not knowing which direction or where to start. She helped me to become more focused and encouraged me to work at my own pace. Her enthusiasm and passion for her own business gave me the drive to push forward and I became excited about my opportunity to become an entrepreneur in both Real Estate and my true passion Photography. My plans are to continue with my coaching sessions because the best is yet to come!!!! Thanks for all you have done…

Dru Hicks | Real Estate Professional | Photographer