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How To Increase Your Income Through Promotional Speaking

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 Another Successful Workshop!

“The Power of U” Women’s ME Retreat

“The Blueprint To Success”  & “How to Change Your Mindset to Match Your Desires”                               

by Galit, Empowering U in Las Vegas

Date and Time:
This workshop has been completed

Kayenta Legacy Building
9418 West Lake Mead Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV

In this Three-hour women’s workshop you will discover what does success mean to you? Your terms, your definition? If you are not sure we will be completing activities that will get you crystal clear on your definition of success. We will do this by working together through a workbook just for this workshop filled with activities to get you focused and get you moving towards success in your life.

Also, What differentiates you from other people around you that you consider successful? The answer is:  Your mindset. Those that you see as successful have the mindset of positivity to match their goals.

The event will include: water, fruit, and sandwiches. You will also be provided a workbook.