As a Keynote Speaker, Galit Ventura-Rozen combines her 25+ years experience as an entrepreneur with her masters in Therapy and shows entrepreneurs and professionals how to succeed via leadership, mindset, sales, business and more!!!

Meet Galit Ventura-Rozen

As a successful Commercial Real Estate Broker for over 25 years and running a company with over $1billion in sales I want to show other businesses it is possible to reach your financial goals through sales success.

Galit Ventura-Rozen, M.A. is a Sales Success Business Expert, Author of The Successful Woman’s Mindset and 25+ year commercial real estate broker/owner with $1 billion in sales. Galit started and owns 4 businesses. She is most recently the recipient of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Silver State Awards and was featured recently on the cover of the Top 100 real estate agent’s international magazine!! She works with businesses to increase performance, sales, and productivity. Is an engaging and motivational keynote speaker as well as she works with HR departments to train employees.


Path to Success for the Leaders in the Company

Aligning Company and Personal Goals
Focusing on Your Strengths
Asking for help with your weaknesses
When you Just don’t know how
Benefits of focusing on your strengths
Open Communication
Effective Communication
Taking responsibility for your tasks
Overcoming Challenges
Mindset Success to Your Success

Three Ways To Prepare Your Employees For A Managerial Promotion

It is common for established businesses to prefer to hire from within the company for open managerial and leadership positions. Often, someone who is promoted is already aware of the way the company is run, is loyal and has shown their ability to understand the product or industry in which they currently work at the company.
But just as often, individuals are not promoted because they do not have the training or leadership qualities to transition to a managerial or leadership position. This, however, is not a reason to avoid promoting from within altogether. If anything, this should motivate your company to offer the proper training and education to those who are promoted (or are interested in being promoted) to managerial and leadership positions.
The 3 area’s I will cover are:
Effective Communication
Leadership Skills
The Successful Mindset

Five Characteristics of a Successful Leader

To be a successful leader, you want to first know what being a “successful leader” truly entails. Then, you must take the time to develop these leadership skills yourself so that you can reflect your values, your mission and your organization’s goals. When you take the time to establish your definition of success, understand what it looks like to you and implement those characteristics into being the type of leader you would like to be, I believe your success is inevitable. And though everyone’s definitions of success can vary, I’ve found throughout my time as a coach, successful leaders often have the following things in common:
They lead by example.
They have a clear vision.
They embrace their team’s strengths.
They have passion.
They have courage.


Mentorship/Mentee Mindset
– Growth Mindset
– Strengths vs weaknesses
– Giving and Receiving Feedback
– Giving feedback effectively
– Not taking feedback personally
– How to be an effective Mentor ( 5 ways)
– How to be an effective Mentee ( 4 ways)
– Setting goals to be successful in mentorship
For the Mentor
For the Mentee
How to take action to meet those goals


Effective Communication

Communication is the key to success in a managerial or executive position. I will be covering the 5 Ways to effectively communicate with those that you are supervising in your professional position. This is beneficial from entry level to executive level positions in a company.

In this presentation we cover:
Listen first then respond
Speak clearly and ask if what was said was understood
Choose the right time for the conversation
Focus on the facts
How to be an effective leader
How to be an effective employee

Multigenerational Communication in the Workplace

Expert insights and tips to help attendees better understand and manage different generations in the work environment. I discuss the challenges faced by each generation and offer strategies for developing an inclusive workplace that supports all age groups. Attendees will leave with a renewed commitment to creating an inter-generationally supportive work atmosphere

Virtual Networking to Maximize Profits

One of the biggest mistakes people in sales make is immediately selling to someone they have not built a relationships with. Trust is a big factor in making the sale. How is Trust built? Through relationships.
This topic will cover the 3 C’s to building business relationships to increase sales
Client – This topic will cover how to build relationships with the potential client and how to then make the sale.
Collaboration – Collaborating with markets or professions that work hand in hand with yours is a key to growing your reach and attracting your ideal client. This topic will cover how to seek out collaborations, how to work with them to build both your businesses and how to have an ongoing referral business of leads
Connection: We are not aware of the number of connections we might have and the connections that we know have. This topic will cover how to embrace and manage your connections to build into referrals and clients.

Productive feedback and performance review

Effectively giving feedback and knowing how to receive feedback is the key to improving the employees and/or leaders in the company. This presentation shows in detail the following:
Preparing for the conversation
Examples of uncomfortable conversations and best practices
Specific methods to have those conversations effectively
How leaders can effectively give and receive feedback
How employees can effectively give and receive feedback

Presentation Skills and Effective Meetings

It is common for employees and leaders to have to give presentations and/or run meetings. This training incorporates different methods and details on how to be a great presenter and run effective meetings
Preparation for the presentation or meeting
Best practices for speaking
Engaging the attendees
Effectively presenting the material and keeping the attention of those attending
Powerpoint best practices
Setting an agenda
Reaching the desired outcome
Time awareness during the meeting/presentation

Business Skills

Working Remotely

Working from home or a different location than the company is more common now than ever. This brings a whole new world of challenges for companies. This presentation can be directly for the employees to share with them best practices for success working remotely. It can also be a presentation for leaders on best practices for managing those working remotely.
Some of the items we cover in this presentation are:
Time management
Prioritizing duties
Limiting distractions
Communicating effectively with your team and/or leaders

The Successful Woman's Mindset

Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to be successful? Do you think it is just the tools or do you recognize it is also having the mindset? It is a mix of both. Galit will be covering the steps every woman must know and live to have a successful mindset. If you believe being successful is just about meeting goals then you are missing out on the other 50% that contributes to success…having a successful mindset!
You can have all the tools, structure, and guidance in the world and still not have the mindset to be a successful woman. The most successful women in business follow certain routines every day to give them the best chance to be successful. They also recognize obstacles within themselves may arise and are ready to deal with them and face them. In learning the steps to be a successful woman, you can have the mindset to make sure no obstacle stands in your way.
This keynote is based on 8 characteristics of a successful woman.

The Sales Success Method

Sales Success comes after building relationships with your potential clients. In this presentation we share the 4 steps to Sales Success. When these steps are incorporated in the sales method, sales success increases in your company
1. Adopt a Successful Sales Mindset
2.Effective Communication – less talking more listening
3. Build a relationship before selling
4.The successful sales call which includes rapport, credibility, understanding the clients wants, overcoming limitations the client has, understanding the pain points of the client and how to convert the client into a sale.

Personal Skills That Impact Professional Success

Time Management

Time is a commodity we can not control and not get back. In this training we cover in detail the best strategies for time management for any employee or leader.
7 time management skills
Decision making and prioritizing
Setting boundaries and saying No
Delegating and outsourcing tasks
Building a system that works and how to follow it

Stress Management ( personal or work place stress)

Symptoms of Stress
Positive vs Negative Stress
Managing stress
causes of stress
Internal vs external
Stress Control
Stress Management Techniques

Decision Making

Making decisions is a part of everyday life in any company . This training shares with the employees and leaders best practices to making decisions.

We will cover:
Don’t let stress and deadlines make the decision for you
Focusing on the goal at hand
The five decision making styles by Dan Lovallo and Oliver Sibony
Not allowing fear to make the decision
Leaving emotion out of it
Examining both sides of the decision

Conflict Resolution

When employees and leaders are experiencing conflict, the entire company can be affected negatively. In this training we share conflict resolution strategies and how both parties involved can recognize a problem exists and how to resolve it.
The 5 conflict resolution strategies by Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann
How to address the issue
How to resolve it
How to communicate more effectively to avoid the same conflict in the future

Goal Achieving Success

This presentation will cover how to set your goals personal and business, be a person that achieves your goals, time management and how to get out of your own way to accomplishing your goals.
Without knowing what your goals are, how can you accomplish what you want in your life, career and business? First you must know what you want and then you must put the steps into action to achieve it. In this presentation Galit will cover this in detail as well as how to self-motivate, embrace the mindset to success, and master the 5 immediate ways to goal success.
This keynote is based on:
Insider secrets to time management
Zero in on what is stopping you from reaching your goals
Learn the methods to increase productivity in your day to day life/career/business.
The audience will walk away with:
Clarity on what they want
Learning how to prioritize and not allow distractions
Focus on the goals they want today, tomorrow and in the future

The Blueprint to Your Success

This presentation challenges the audience to think of their own definition of success by having them think of what success looks like to them. Who do they see as successful and why is that so? What characteristics does that successful person they think of have? What does this person do for a living, what does their lifestyle look like, etc.
We then asks the audience member to think of a time they were successful in their life and what that looked like, what it felt like, and how others reacted to this success.
This in turn gets them to think of any obstacles that are stopping them from success and how to break through those obstacles. We then will cover how a successful person thinks and starts every day.
With the conclusion covering the Blueprint for Your Success
Awareness – What is your definition of success and what is holding you back
Desire – What motivates you, how to focus on the end result, recognizing this will be uncomfortable

Talk Topics

Key Ingredients for Achieving Success in the real estate Industry

Achieving success in the real estate industry requires a combination of various key ingredients. Here are three essential elements to consider:

  1. Knowledge and Expertise: To excel in real estate, it is crucial to have a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise in the industry. This includes understanding market trends, local regulations, financial analysis, property valuation, negotiation skills, and more. Continuously investing in education, staying updated with industry news and developments, and networking with other professionals can help expand knowledge and expertise in real estate.

  2. Building a Strong Network: Networking plays a vital role in the real estate industry. Building relationships with fellow professionals, such as agents, brokers, investors, lenders, contractors, and mentors, can open up opportunities for partnerships, referrals, and valuable insights. Attending industry events, joining real estate associations, participating in online forums, and actively seeking out networking opportunities can help expand and nurture a strong network.

  3. Adaptability and Resilience: The real estate industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Successful professionals in this field possess the ability to adapt to market shifts, changing customer demands, and emerging technologies. Being resilient in the face of challenges, such as economic downturns or unexpected obstacles, is essential. Developing problem-solving skills, having a flexible mindset, and embracing innovation can contribute to long-term success in the real estate industry.

By combining knowledge, building a strong network, and cultivating adaptability and resilience, individuals can lay a solid foundation for achieving success in the real estate industry.

The Sales Success Method

The word “sales” has developed a negative connotation over the years, bringing to mind aggressive cold calls and pushy salespeople who won’t take no for an answer. But sales is the lifeblood of any business. You have to know how to sell the right thing to the right people at the right time to thrive. 

Sales success isn’t selfish or predatory — quite the opposite. I define sales success as a mutually beneficial transaction between your company and your customer. You provide exactly the product or service they need, and you both win. 

In this presentation I cover  simple strategies for sales success that I’ve refined through my work as a sales success expert and commercial real estate broker for over 25 years. 

Building Relationships to Maximize Sales

One of the biggest mistakes people in sales make is immediately selling to someone they have not built a relationship with.  Trust is a big factor in making the sale.  How is trust built?  Through Relationships.

In this presentation I cover the 3 C’s to building business relationships in order to increase sales goals.  

     1. Building Relationships through current clients

     2. Collaborating with like companies

     3. Making new connections through networking to have a steady stream of referrals to increase income.

The Successful Mindset

You can have all the tools, structure, and guidance in the world and still not have the mindset to be  successful. The most successful people embody certain characteristics to give them the guidance to be successful. They also recognize obstacles within themselves may arise and conquer them.

In this presentation I cover characteristics of the successful person and how to implement them into your business or life to work for you.

Customized Topic

As an entrepreneur for 25+ years and an expert in a vast amount of topics on business, leadership, mindset, real estate and more. Please contact Galit to customize a topic to benefit your audience or company.


" Galit has spoken to our group in person and online. Her sessions are lively, packed with great tips and standing room only. The evaluations are always 10's out of 10."
Susan Schwartz
"I had the pleasure to hear Galit speak at a recent CREW luncheon and was so impressed by the information that she shared with all of us. It was more of an interactive and thought provoking session. When I.came back to the office after lunch I started many of the ideas she shared about growing your business and increasing sales. I’ve already recommended her as a speaker to another sales organization I belong to. I know she’ll make a great impact there as she did with us!"
Janet Cook
NB Private Capital
"Galit Ventura-Rozen is the definition of an amazing keynote speaker with distinguished methods and a proven recipe for success. I am delighted to have been part of her audience and had the opportunity to experience her inspiring and empowering speech. I have since applied her words of wisdom in my business and the result has been phenomenal. Her stage presence was dynamic, and she easily carried everybody along from start to finish. Her humility was out of this world and it truly helped drive her message into my heart. "
Natalie Wainwright
Tenant rep Broker