My Personal Journey

Galit’s Story

Whenever someone asks me where I was born, I always say “I was made overseas and born in the USA” (New York, actually). My parents moved to America before I was born and I watched them work hard for the American dream. My father had a virtuous work ethic and the unique ability to not bring the stresses of the office home. My mother had the challenging task of raising four children and ensured we always had quality time as a family. Together, they formed a true partnership; they supported each other immeasurably. My two greatest role models. It isn’t any wonder these qualities are two core values in my life today.

At the age of 23 I got married and by the age of 31 I had three gorgeous children, a successful thriving career with my own commercial real estate company and a beautiful life…But.

Have you ever woken up one day with a feeling deep down inside that something is missing? Like there might be something bigger out there for you but you just haven’t discovered it yet?

As I peeled away the layers, I began seeing with clearer perspective the direction I needed to go. I looked at my relationship, my friendships, my career, my recreational time—everything! I asked myself the hard questions which boiled down to one thing: Was I getting what I needed and if not, what did I need to do to get my needs met? I began to make the changes I craved. Some of them were scary and painful decisions but I know they were the right ones for me. Stillness and self-inquiry had become my internal compass.

This happened to me around the age of 37. I felt like a stranger in my own life. We still entertained, had a close circle of friends, enjoyed barbeques, celebrated birthdays, practiced religion—from the outside it all would have seemed picture perfect. On the inside, I had a deep yearning for something more. The more I ignored it and pressed on, the less connected I felt. Somewhere along the way I lost myself. This was when I learned to tap into my soft inner voice by becoming still and quietening my mind from the busyness that surrounded me. I began to seek out what made me the happiest and realized my path on this earth is greater than I could have imagined. I was what I was searching for.

As a very successful and established commercial real estate broker with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and my own company, I decided to go back to school and get a Master’s Degree in Therapy. I had arrived at the stage of my life where I felt called to empower others. I longed to share the tools I’d learned and used to achieve success in my own life; to help other people overcome the challenges and obstacle blocking them from having the life they’d always desired.

As a newly single mom going through a divorce, raising three children, running a company and working full time, it took me five years to complete my Master’s Degree paper by paper, one subject at a time. But I was determined and graciously gifted with the courage and tenacity of my parents.

I now want to share these qualities with you because I believe we ALL have them. So if you have that sense or feeling inside that something needs to change, then it is time to listen to it. I believe you already know this otherwise you probably would have clicked away by now. If you’re still reading WELL DONE!! And thank you! The question is then—how do you get clear on what needs to change?

I can help you with exactly that (and more). I am a BIG believer in the value of having a good mentor in life. This is a person you can turn to for objective and informed advice and support; a person who doesn’t have an agenda outside of helping you strive for your dreams. As a Women Empowerment and Business Mentor, I love what I do right down to the core of my being. Now I’ve recognized who I am deep down, all of my abilities, strengths, and talents come together to work magic for my clients. My passion in life is watching others succeed and reach their true potential. It’s exhilarating! I believe you already have inside you exactly what you need to succeed. I just think you need someone who believes in you, is qualified to help you, and will empower you to get there. Sometimes we all need a little extra guidance or help to get to the core of our true purpose. If this resonates with you, reach out and let’s talk.

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