galit-mirrorI am human, there are mornings I wake up sad and crying, there are mornings where I don’t understand why there is so much cruelty in this world at times, there are mornings I want to stay under the covers and watch Netflix all day, there are mornings so many things don’t make sense to me..

There are so many mornings I wake up and realize how blessed I am, there are so many mornings where I get myself out of bed and recognize if I don’t make myself then who will, there are mornings where I know I can let life pass me by or I can make life happen the way I want it too. There are so many mornings I recognize that the fact is I am human and I feel good, bad, happy, sad, mad and so on is what makes me human…

See I am as real as I have ever been in my life, when I was younger I believe happiness came very naturally to me, you could call it being young or you could call it being naïve.  Today I recognize, life isn’t always easy and some days it even takes effort to smile.  But one thing I know for sure is I work really hard at this one life I have, to live it the truest and most real way I can.

So I guess my point to all this is, if any of this resonates with you, you are not alone. See I am very blessed to have people in my life that are there for me when I need that person to understand and just listen… So please always recognize, even those people on FACEBOOK that look like their life is perfect, well there just is no such thing as perfect.  They are just trying to make the best of their life and circumstances just like everyone else.

With Love Galit



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