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Online Vision Dream Board Sites

Its the New Year and its time to Imagine the way you want your 2017 to go.  What goals do you want to accomplish?  As a very visual person I need to be reminded every day of the things that are on my list to accomplish and I love using vision boards.  In the past I would grab those magazines and start cutting but what I found is I would get frustrated at times because I could not find the right pictures that represent what I wanted on my board.

So this year I have turned to online Vision Boards.  You could also simply open up a word document or paint or any other program you are comfortable with and copy and paste pictures you love from the world wide web.  I just love the vast amount of pictures out there.

ub3a2217Make it yours and all about you.  Pictures, quotes, places you want to travel etc.  I like to make 3 vision boards in the categories of:

  1. Family/Relationships
  2.  Career
  3.  Personal ( to include travel, exercise, hobbies, what ever I want it to be)

There is no right way to make YOUR vision board. This is about you and only you so make it your way and what ever impacts you the most.

Here are a few free vision board online sites I like ( I have no affiliation and if you have any issues contact them directly)

  1. – How to create an online vision board
  2. – (My favorite and what I am using)                                                                                       Very detailed asks questions and really gets you thinking
  3.    – Shows you how to make a desktop vision board

Most importantly remember to not just make the boards and forget about them.

Put them somewhere you will look at them every single day, revisit them, add items through out the year as well.

More importantly remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments and celebrate you.

Happy Vision Board Making!!!

xoxo Galit