I work on my resistance every single day but it still shows up. Today it is showing up in the form of me finishing my book. How does it show up for you?

See the key is to recognize it will show up every time you try something new and scary. Well, what do you do?

1. Recognize it
2. Accept it
3. Be determined to get past it
4. Just do it

Yes that feeling in the pit of your stomach will show up and you will come up with a 1000 excuses not to just do it and even find other things to do instead ( trust me I have a long list of to do’s)

But dang it feels awesome when you do not let it STOP YOU!!!!

This book will be completed and I will get it out to so many of you that are asking when it will be released. More than half way written. LET”S DO THIS!!!

Would love to hear what you will commit to TODAY that you are resisting!!!