speaking engagements 2021

August 2021

Mobile Tech Expo

July 23rd 2021

Fill Your Funnel Conference

July 13 2021

The Three C’s
3 Ways to build relationships to
increase sales & maximize profits

June 16th 2021

Women’s Real Estate Network
Las Vegas Real Estate Market

June 2021

Personal Leadership Group
Knowing your worth as a leader

June 2021

Fired Up But Not Burnt Up

May 2021

Colonial Assisted Living
Leadership and team communication

May 2021

She Rises Studios Women’s Summit
on The Successful Woman’s Mindset

May 2021

Reentry into the networking world

March 2021

Advance and Emerge Woman

March 2021

Women of Global Change

March 2021

Living life with limitless possibilities
Women’s Real Estate Network (WREN)

January 2021

She Exist Woman’s Conference

February 2021

Up Level