Self-Doubt- lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities…

When I decided to start this journey of empowering women, I decided the only way I was going to do it was being genuine.  I wasn’t going to ever pretend to have a perfect life, and all the perfect solutions and tools or that I wake up every single day with a smile.

Today I woke up with quite a bit of self-doubt and tears.  I am questioning every decision I have made in the last 6 years today.  I am wondering what makes me so special that women will be inspired to live the life they choose and love.  I am wondering so many other things as well.

hand-on-heart-resizedSee it took me many years to realize days like today is what makes me strong. It took me many years to realize that self-doubt and tears and allowing myself to cry and feel is O.K.

See I believe in God and I believe the journey isn’t always an easy one, but it can be beautiful if you work thru your crap and get past it.  I know this because I won’t ALLOW today to define even tomorrow for me.  I today needed a reminder of how I inspire others to keep working on themselves and today, I received that reminder as I have so many times.  I was sitting alone this morning crying and feeling that self-doubt creep in and here comes a private message from a beautiful young lady half way across the world.  I won’t share it all but what I can tell you is this the first words were “I tend to read your posts from time to time and I just first want to tell you they are very inspiring to me, out of the assumption that you went through something hard and instead of staying slum in a hard place you chose to find the good from it and grow”.

Please remember that even when you are at a low point, like I am today. There is always someone out there ready to tell you how amazing you are and ready to be there for you.  Don’t ALLOW the way you feel today to DEFINE your tomorrow… Its your life and your story, You get to CHOOSE how you want it go…

Xoxo Galit






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